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An Unforgettably Dark Creative Experience

The "Lullaby of Woe" Dark Arts Faire

May 18 & 19

The Old Warehouse

134 Haines St. Nashua, NH

Upcoming Events

Lullaby of Woe
Dark Arts Faire

5/18 - 5/19 


Welcome to the "Lullaby of Woe Dark Arts Faire" by Dark Hollow Events! Get ready to celebrate Halfway to Halloween & enjoy a night filled with all things creative, dark & mysterious.


Join us on May 18th & 19th for an evening of artistic enchantment & intrigue, where you will be entwined in a spellbinding mix of dark art & interactive creatures!


Explore a variety of vendors selling unique & eerie creations to add to your art collections, indulge in deliciously dark treats, & enjoy live atmospheric performances from actors & musicians that will leave you mystified. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind event that celebrates the darker side of art and creativity. 

See you there!



134 Haines Street, Nashua, NH 03060


Saturday May 18th, 4pm-9pm

Sunday May 19th, 4pm-8pm

Artist Lineup
Morgan Cameron 
Sergio Salvucci
Alan Dellascio
Todd Kramer
Russ Renshaw
Matt Frotten


This is our first event! So we're keeping it simple with ticket sales by taking Venmo, PayPal & Square payments. 

Tickets online: $12

Tickets at the door: $15

Venmo: @morgancameronart


If you would like to pay with a credit card separate from the options above, please email us from the contact below & we can take it via Square. 

About Dark Hollow Events

Dark Hollow Events was co-founded by Morgan Cameron of Dark Hollow Arts & Sergio Salvucci of Wildthorn Productions. Both are New England based artists who shared a vision of starting a Dark Arts Collaborative project, that brought together their love for dark arts & artists, character acting, atmospheric music, & haunting aesthetics.

New Englad has a rich, eerie culture that embraces its passion for the spookier side of life, producing many dark artists & creatives. Dark Hollow Events desires to highlight their skills & help the dark arts community unite & thrive! And so, we welcome you to join us for our first ever event, the  “Lullaby of Woe” Dark Arts Faire, and all future events!

Dark Hollow Events aims to host a series of pop-up, vendor-style Dark Art Faires unlike any other! As well as annual events such as Masquerade Balls & the like! Keep up-to-date on our future events and haunting happenings @darkhollowevents on social media & follow our journey!

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About the Founders

Sergio Salvucci

Sergio Headshot.jpg

Sergio Salvucci is the founder of Wildthorn Productions & is an award winning composer, published photographer, video producer and multi-instrumentalist from the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Sergio started off his art journey at a young age doing concept art for Blizzard Entertainments Diablo and Warcraft series as well as work on Magic The Gathering. Music took a hold of his life at the age of 17 starting with guitar, and many instruments followed. Earning his bachelors in music education Sergio spent the better part of a decade as an educator before discovering his love for photography. In recent years his modeling photography has earned publications in Pump, Edith and Victoria Secret magazines. Lately Sergio has emphasized a focus on dark whimsical photography crafting images that look like paintings.

Sergio lives in the White Mountains of NH with his wife, their cats and is the co-founder of Dark Hollow Events. | Instagram/ Facebook: @wildthornproductions | Instagram:  @sergiosalvuccimusic

Morgan Cameron 

Morgan Cameron is the founder of Dark Hollow Arts & is an award winning, Maine based painter with a love of animals, darkness & the expression of movement. Her passion for Halloween, the supernatural, fantasy & other elements of darkness, have greatly influenced her work. Morgan is also heavily involved in the haunted attraction industry as a year-round set/prop builder & actor at Haunted Overload in NH. She never stops surrounding herself by the elements that inspire her & has even created various artworks for the haunt itself for merch & marketing. She also enjoys occasional modeling for dark aesthetics photography.  

Her work is currently represented at Abend Gallery, CO, Equis Art Gallery, NY & occasionally Moss Galleries, ME.

Morgan lives in ME with her husband & dog & is the co-founder of Dark Hollow Events. | Instagram/Facebook: @darkhollowarts | Shop: Dark Hollow Arts on Etsy 


Where do I park?

-There is parking at the venue and the adjacent street wherever you safely find a space & there will be a parking attendee.


Are there bathrooms?

-Yes, there are limited restrooms in the building.

Do I need cash? 

-We STRONGLY recommend bringing cash! This event will have various opportunities for tipping our busking creatures, mystics & musicians, as well as small item purchasing opportunities, such as refreshments & raffle tickets. A variety of small bills are encouraged. We will have other ways to take payment such as Venmo and card readers, but here CASH IS KING! 

Is this a costumed event?

-This is not a costumed event except for our own actors. However, we welcome you to dress up in your elaborate gothic attire to fit the vibe should you desire! 


Can I bring my pet?

-Unfortunately no. We love pets but this isn't the right fit for them. However, we will have live animals with a professional handler on site to interact with! 

Are there participation opportunities?

-If you would like to become a vendor, actor, or participate in another way at a future event, please subscribe to our email below & follow our social media accounts for announcements & open calls. 

Special Notes

Inside you’ll find several interactive creatures. They are here for you to engage & take photos with, but tips for doing so are STRONGLY encouraged!

Photographers/Videographers will be actively taking media throughout the event for promo purposes, so you may end up in one of our promos and photo gallery! 

Want your photo taken with one of our creatures? Professional photographers will be here to do just that! Just ask and we’ll place it on our facebook page for you to find or give them your contact info to send to you. 

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